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Research & Data Analysis

August, 2023

Empowering Youth in the Digital Age: Exploring Digital Skills, Online Income, and Career Shaping (Survey)

In the month of August, 2023, we successfully conducted a survey that gathered valuable insights from young individuals across various regions. This collaborative effort was led by the ECED in Latvia, with the generous support of our esteemed partners in Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

The survey aimed to delve into the intersection of digital skills, online income opportunities, and career shaping in today's ever-evolving landscape. Our mission was to gain a deeper understanding of how digital skills contribute to career development, how online activities can translate into income generation, and how the guidance and opportunities presented by the digital age can shape the aspirations of the youth.

The response from participants was overwhelming, and we're immensely grateful for the time and thoughtfulness that each individual contributed. Their insights will serve as the foundation for designing initiatives,  e.g. Youth Digital Career Workshop, that cater to the specific needs and aspirations of the youth in this digital era.

Image by Andrew Neel
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